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Nutricharge S&F (Clinically Proven)

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Product Description                                                                ..

Product Description                                                                             EXPERT VIDEO (INSIDE)    

Nutricharge S&F is clinically proven to reduce fat and central obesity for men and women.

Mix one sachet of Nutricharge S&F in a glass of low fat milk and have it instead of dinner. Follow a healthy diet of 1500 calories per day and do regular exercise. Walk daily for a minimum of 6000 steps and climb at least 250 steps every day.

Nutricharge S&F can reduce up to 11 Kg of body weight and up to 4 inch waist size in 3 months.

Who can consume: Man and woman of age 12 years and above

Dosage: Replace your dinner with one sachet of Nutricharge S&F in a glass of skimmed milk. For best result follow diet plan and exercise daily.

M.R.P.: Rs. 2,700/- for pack of 15 sachets

M.R.P.: Rs. 5,400/- for 1 month pack of 30 sachets

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